I’m a graphic designer based in Croatia (utc+2).
I specialize in identity and packaging design,
although I’m always open to a different type of project
and even a long term position – show me what you got.

a portfolio of my best work can be seen below.

Got a funny meme or an interesting project? let’s chat.
You can always reach me at hello@davidbrajnovic.com

Van Cauteren

A Belgian beer sommelier wanted a classy yet modern logo for himself.

Energy Spray

An unused packaging concept done for a new type of energy product.


Nade is a gamer oriented energy drink and this was my favorite logo concept.

Liv Vegas

Liv Vegas was an elaborate visual identity project which was unfortunately cut short, most work was done on the icon set. ©CV8.CO

Patron Loops

Patron Loops is a Patreon integration, the idea was to use a loop which also reminds of cell division and represents the referral program.

Laughing Man

Proposed design for a Joker inspired rolling paper packaging.

Tres Navy

Tres Navy is a rap music duo.


Isosceles provides ISO certifications for various categories. I wanted to incorporate the Isosceles triangles while also showcasing the certification work with a check mark.


I had the privilege to create the logo for a well know DJ/Producer and his label. @charmes It represents the letter C and an equipment knob/dial.


Sassycat was a cat toy subscription box where I wanted to create something playful, but easy to use.


After seeing the G-Drop speaker I had to create a packaging revamp that synergizes with it’s style.

Stock Is life

An avid investor decided to share some tips on how to trade and I turned his brand’s name into a fun mark.

David P.

David P. is a web dev, I wanted to create something that incorporates his stylized initials and reminds of html codes.


Antidote! was a personal project/idea which is what this logo was made for.

Full Bore

Full Bore is a sportswear brand, I wanted to create a dynamic symbol incorporating both F and B.

Dark Unicorn

My take on the esports styled mascot logo.


Snap is a fireworks company, right away I knew I wanted to incorporate a rocket into the logo and the “A” was perfect for that.


Minimal version of the logo I created for the UCLA Gammas.