Nade was an identity design project for an energy drink that unfortunately wasn’t completed.
You can find my favorite logo concept bellow.


Minimal version of the logo I created for the UCLA Gammas.

Full Bore

Full Bore is a sportswear brand, I wanted to create a dynamic symbol incorporating both F and B.


SWE is a battery pack, the idea was to make something that reminds of battery cells.


Snap is a fireworks company, right away I knew I wanted to incorporate a rocket into the logo and the “A” was perfect for that.


Antidote! was a personal project/idea which is what this logo was made for.

Patron Loops

Patron Loops is a Patreon integration, the idea was to use a loop which also reminds of cell division and represents the referral program.

David P.

David P. is a web dev, I wanted to create something that incorporates his stylized initials and reminds of html codes.